Apple for the Teacher: September 13, 2016

September 13, 2016 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 16 total in attendance including 1 returning guest

Meeting Theme: Apple for the Teacher

Sergeant At Arms Rahul I. called the meeting to order and introduced the Presiding Officer, President Michael M. who led us through the pledge, club mission statement, and Toastmasters moments before reintroducing Rahul I. as the evening’s Toastmaster.

Before we get started…

  • Past member Paul T. submitted his application for membership and dues payment. Liz S. moved to vote Paul T. back into membership and though there were multiple enthusiastic seconds, Rahul I. jumped in there first. The vote to approve his membership was unanimous.

Toastmaster Moments:

  • Newly re-admitted member Paul T. shared that he recently chaperoned a bus trip with a group of ROTC cadets and he was able to maintain order during the trip.
  • Audrey D. was called upon to present an impromptu speech at church and she felt very good about her three minute presentation that was free of fillers.
  • Rob played with a group at the Diamond Backs game and thanked Toastmasters for teaching him the discipline of timing since in music, “timing is everything.”


  • Paul F. “Water Competency – Making Water Your Friend”
    Competent Communication Manual, Project #5: Your Body Speaks
    Paul said his relationship with water started out positively; he enjoyed swimming and more. But water can also be deadly. For example, as a child at a camp pool, he took in water and had to struggle to get out. At the age of 16 Paul took a water safety course and became a lifeguard, then went on to become a water safety instructor. Paul went on to challenge us to become more competent around water by striving to meet the American Red Cross‘s five water competencies: entering the water, getting to the surface, orienting to an exit, swimming for 25 yards, and exiting the water.
  • Michael H. “2977 Flags”
    Competent Communication Manual, Project #9: Persuade With Power
    Michael’s speech inspired us all to visit the City of Tempe’s Healing Field. He described a visit to the field during 9/11 remembrances to see the 2,977 flags in honor of each of the lives lost on 9/11 and how each flag was labeled with the name of one of those lives. It was, Michael said, a great departure from the first world issues prevalent in the news today.
  • Emi B. “NAET Preliminary Autism Study”
    Speaking to Inform, Project #4:  A Fact-Finding Report
    Emi shared some staggering facts from the 2004 NAET Autism Study that had 88% of the test subjects moved from special education to regular education classes and had their diagnosis of autism removed by their family doctor or neurologist. She encouraged everyone to pass the word on to friends or family who had autistic children to look into participating in the current large-scale global study and provided contact information for her employer who is a participating practitioner.

Table Topics:

  • If you were to honor  a person who taught you a special lesson, who would that be and why?
    Deb replied that it would be her business law instructor, someone to whom she did actually send a card of thanks and acknowledgement.
  • Did you ever receive a gift in response to helping someone?
    Mike B. said that yes, he had received a little statue from a participant in one of his classes.
  • Tell about a time or situation when you felt an apple was deserved?
    Mike K. happily awarded Table Topic Master Sheryl R. an apple right then for putting up with being clicked repeatedly during her spiel.


  • Toastmaster – Rahul I.
  • Topicmaster – Sheryl R.
  • General Evaluator – Casey B.
  • Wordmaster – Michael M.
    Word of the Day:  Acumen (noun): the ability to think clearly and make good decisions
  • Grammarian – Liz S.
  • Ah Counter – Audrey D.
  • Timer – Paul T.
  • Word of Wisdom – Renee R.
  • Jokemaster – Mike B.


  • Most Effective Evaluator: Rob M.
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Mike B.
  • Speech of the Day: Paul F.
  • Spark Plug Award: Paul T.

President Michael M. closed out the meeting.

Business & Reports:

  • Welcome back, Renee! You were missed!
  • Mike B. will have his camera and background set up for PR headshots next week.
  • Liz reminded everyone that dues are due. $63 by check payable to Maverick Toastmasters, cash, or credit card.
  • Emi could still use help with the Area T6 contest on Monday. Click here to sign up.
  • Sheryl also has openings for roles at the Area T1 contest on Saturday afternoon. Contact Sheryl to volunteer.
  • Michael H. broke our hearts by announcing he will not be renewing his dues with Maverick.
  • Officers meeting is next week; submit officer reports by Sunday.

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