Executive Committee Meeting – July 2016

Meeting called to order at 8:41 pm.

Attendance: Michael M., Mike B., Casey B., Emi B., Liz S., and Rahul I.


Officer Reports:

Vice President Education (Karen absent)

  • Liz appreciated how Karen has scheduled out the entire year, planning for quarterly speech-a-thons following three-day weekends
  • There will be an emphasis on presenting modules this year, which benefit the club by instructing members on how to improve meetings (Successful Club Series), the basics of public speaking (Better Speaker Series), or leadership skills (Leadership Excellence Series), and it benefits the presenters by earning credit toward Advanced Leader awards. To date, Michael H. and Michael M. are scheduled to present module speeches. Karen will be approaching others with this opportunity as well.
  • Karen will need to present upcoming non-meeting dates (for example, December 27th) to the club membership for a vote of approval to cancel the meetings for those dates.
  • Liz will talk to Karen about creating a “videographer” role, or perhaps assign that task to the jokemaster or wisdom master. Emi will assume responsibility for uploading the video files to the YouTube channel.

Vice President Membership (Winona absent)

  • Emi recently purchased large quantities of folders from Staples at a good price and will assemble guest packets and orientation packets to be ready next Tuesday as we are out of both.
  • Need to recruit a back up for the VPM role for dates Winona is unable to attend.
  • Note Smedley Membership Campaign will be August 1 – September 30. This is a great opportunity for a member to earn credit in the Competent Leadership manual, project #8. We’ll need to open this up to the membership to discover who needs to complete this project.

Vice President Public Relations

  • Mike issued a heartfelt public apology for the tardiness of his report.
  • Mike’s equipment was stolen and with is the headshots he took a few months back. He plans to retake photos the end of August.

Vice President Mentoring

  • Casey also issued a public apology for the tardiness of his report but one-upped Mike by doing some pushups for us.
  • The question was posed of what the qualifications of being a mentor were. Emi suggested someone who has given the first three speeches and has cycled through each of the functionary roles, but also someone who displays confidence and a willingness to serve in this capacity. ┬áThose who currently have no assigned mentee may definitely be approached for recruitment as a mentor.
  • The possibility of Casey publishing a club newsletter article about outside events was raised.


  • Liz just received the treasurer supplies and will be reviewing everything. It was already noted that the checkbook was missing and Michael will get that to her.
  • Michael’s and Liz’s roles need to be exchanged at the bank. They will need to print out an officer list to take with them to the bank.
  • Liz will send out last year’s budget. Requests for changes to line items need to be submitted to her by Sunday, July 24th so she will be prepared to present the budget to the club next week.


  • Working on uploading the officer reports for the last year to the website. Emi asked Liz if she still had agenda files she could email and will ask Sheryl for minutes.

Sergeant At Arms

  • Needs to recruit an assistant for those days Rahul is either unable to attend or won’t be able to arrive early, and someone to prepare as successor.

Meeting adjourned at 9:22 pm.

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