Election Day!: November 8, 2016

November 8, 2016 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 21 total in attendance including 3 guests

Meeting Theme: Election Day!

Sergeant At Arms Rahul I. called the meeting to order, led the pledge and the club mission statement, and introduced the Presiding Officer, President Michael M. After calling for Toastmasters Moments and greeting the 3 guests, Michael then introduced Audrey D. as the evening’s Toastmaster.


  • First-time visitor Ashley B.
  • Returning visitor Peter S.
  • First-time visitor Chad

Toastmaster Moments:

  • Emi B. shared how she was able to meet with Paul’s school principal and articulate her concerns in order to resolve some issues.
  • Deb M. shared that she had a great time at her first District Conference.


  • Mike K. “Losing You to You”
    Competent Communication Manual, Project #2: Organize Your Speech
    Mike presented an entertaining speech on the mind of the procrastinator and his struggles with writing his speech. Procrastinators have to deal with “the instant gratification monkey,” rather than the “rational decision maker,” then as the deadline approaches, the “Panic Monster” takes over.   (Evaluated by Rahul I.)
  • Pablo R. “Hybrid Process Ownership”
    Competent Communication Manual, Project #8: Get Comfortable With Visual Aids
    Coming soon. (Evaluated by Paul F.)
  • Renee R. “Every Thursday”
    Speaking to Inform Advanced Manual, Project #2: Resources for Informing
    Renee shared about her weekly activity of volunteering for the AWANA program at her church, the age groups it covers, and what they do there.  (Evaluated by Rob M.)

Table Topics:

  • What would you do to increase voter turnout?
    Steve F. would offer FREE BEER! and ice cream to everyone!
  • What is your slogan and how did you come up with it?
    Kay D. said for her run for Dog Catcher, her slogan would be “Save the bees!”
  • Your presidential opponent is Arnold Schwarzenegger… what would you say to him?
    Liz S. said that after she pointed out that his birth certificate invalidated him as a candidate, she would declare her campaign slogan as “America: For Everyone.”
  • Give us your presidential acceptance speech.
    Rahul I. thanked everyone for his 1% win and said we will all work together to build a United States we all want with our shared values.
  • Your presidency is under investigation for stealing cookies. How do you respond?
    Cheryl C. fully admitted to her mistake but promised to replace them with even better cookies.
  • Give us your presidential farewell address.
    Lauren D. acknowledged the loving and caring attitude displayed in the lunch room when a dilemma was resolved with cooperation and sacrifice for others.


  • Toastmaster – Audrey D.
  • Topicmaster – Michael H.
  • General Evaluator – Michael M.
  • Wordmaster – Deb M.
    Word of the Day:  demagogue (noun) – a person, especially a political leader, who gains popularity by raising the emotions of people
  • Grammarian – Casey B.
  • Ah Counter – Emi B.
  • Timer – Sheryl R.
  • Word of Wisdom – Liz S.
  • Jokemaster – Steve F.


  • Most Effective Evaluator: Rob M.
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Lauren D.
  • Speech of the Day: Pablo R.
  • Spark Plug Award: Steve F.

President Michael M. closed out the meeting.

Business & Reports:

  • Officers’ meeting next week; reports are due by 6 pm on Sunday.

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