Aviation: August 16, 2016 Meeting

August 16, 2016 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 16 total in attendance, including 4 guests

Meeting Theme:  Aviation

Presiding Officer Michael M. led us through the pledge, club mission statement, and Toastmasters moments before introducing Toastmaster Paul F.

Toastmaster Moments:

  • Rahul I. participated in an unsolicited telephone interview.
  • Deb M. was selected as a juror and was happy to report that she felt comfortable speaking in front of everyone.
  • Audrey D. started training and did very well.
  • Our guest Paulette was thankful for having already learned the importance of self-discipline with timing while at a recent meeting.


  • Angel’s son, Dominic, returned again and served both as videographer and wisdom master
  • Paulette loved us so much last week she returned for more
  • Jeff visited for the first time tonight and submitted his application by the end of the night
  • Phyllis, Paul’s wife, came to see what he’s been doing on Tuesday nights


  • Angel Y., “Alternative Healing”
    Competent Communication Manual, Project #2: Organize Your Speech
    Angel shared her healing experiences at the Merritt Center in Payson, run by Betty Merritt for combat veterans. While there, she experienced three different types of alternative healing practices: Yoga Nidra, which utilizes that state between wake and sleep and benefits greatly those with conditions such as PTSD, sleep and mood disorders, and trauma; Cranial Sacral Therapy, which helps to alleviate the pain from physical injury and helps those with emotional and psychological distress; and Reiki, energy and touch treatment that helps to alleviate tension and stress and creates an environment for healing and emotional well-being.
  • Audrey D., “Giving and Receiving”
    Competent Communication Manual, Project #10: Inspire Your Audience
    Audrey earned her Competent Communicator Award in style, inspiring us to become better givers of money and time and receivers of grace. She reframed the saying, “You’ve got to give until it hurts,” to “Sacrificial Giving” as modeled by her late grandmother and the widow’s offering of Mark 12. Audrey went on to reframe the saying, “You’ve got to give to get,” to give to be energized and to learn how to receive.
  • Sheryl R., “Opposition”
    Persuasive Speaking Advanced Manual, Project #4: Addressing the Opposition
    Sheryl gave us some insights on how she met and dated her husband Steve in college, with her family background in accepting what you’re told without question versus Steve’s family background of challenging and questioning everything. She continued on to talk about the specific issue of scripture vs science and how many conflicts are actually a conflict between science and tradition, rather than science and scripture. Through this story, Sheryl led to us to the concept of questioning, studying, and thinking for ourselves. Following her presentation, she expertly facilitated a Q&A session then concluded nicely by encouraging us not to settle for tradition or theory but to study and think.

Table Topics:

  • Karen R. was asked if she had a fear of heights or a fear of flying. She started out saying that with how frequently she flies, that wasn’t a fear for her. And while she started out saying she didn’t really have a fear of heights either, she eventually admitted that she might have a problem with a transparent walkway at the top of a tall building.
  • Mike B. was asked to share what brings him a sense of joy and magic like one might feel while flying. Mike told us that as a boy growing up, his father would often take him flying while doing all kinds of tricks, and he grew to love the rush of the experience. Because of this, he also enjoys roller coasters, which mimics the feeling of being in the air.



  • Toastmaster – Paul F.
  • Topicmaster – Winona P.
  • General Evaluator – Rob M.
  • Wordmaster – Karen R.
    Word of the Day: Soar (verb) – to increase very quickly in amount or price; to fly or sail often at a great height by floating on air currents; to rise quickly upward to a great height
  • Grammarian – Deb M.
  • Ah Counter – Mike B.
  • Timer – Rahul I.
  • Word of Wisdom – Dominic
  • Jokemaster – Karen R.


  • Most Effective Evaluator: Emi B.
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Karen R.
  • Speech of the Day: Sheryl R.
  • Spark Plug Award: Dominic, for being wisdom master and videographer

Business & Reports:

  • Congratulations to Audrey on earning her Competent Communicator Award! She received a standing ovation for achieving this milestone.
  • Club Speech Contest is NEXT WEEK!!!  Functionaries are still needed and there is still room for additional contestants. Contact Rahul now to sign up.
  • Officer meeting follows club meeting.

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