Money: August 30, 2016 Meeting

winonaAugust 30, 2016 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 11 total in attendance

Meeting Theme: Money

Vice President Membership Winona P. led us through the pledge, club mission statement, and Toastmasters moments before introducing Toastmaster Rob M.

Toastmaster Moments:

  • Paul helped direct those at a memorial service this week.
  • paulRob utilized listening skills refined at Toastmasters during a conversation with his wife.
  •  Sheryl attended a club contest today and though they were unprepared, she convinced a few of them to participate and the club had a successful contest.
  • Pablo was approached to start a new club at his place of work.
  • Liz negotiated insurance coverage for one of her program’s new participants and through that developed a solution to a recurring problem.



  • Deb M. “Social Motivation”
    Competent Communication Manual, Project #3: Get to the Point
    Deb was inspired by the book “The Influencer.”  She described a process she went through with a troupe of girls and their parents as they worked together to build a parade float, dividing the backdrop into 3 seconds so each girl had a section to decorate; and what to do with the single trophy they had won, opting to have all names engraved on it and displaying it at the school where they met.
  • Casey B. “What an Adventure!”
    Entertaining Speaker Advanced Manual, Project #1: The Entertaining Speech
    A friend convinced Casey and a few others to go on a hike to Devil’s Chasm that turned out to be a series of problematic circumstances: an hour of travel on a dirt road with no signs of life, climbing up a rock face and nearly slipping off, nearly being crushed by a falling boulder, and finally giving up on reaching the Native American ruins.
  • Mike B. “Some of My Best Friends” or “A Few of My Close Friends,” depending on who you ask
    Practice run of humorous contest speech.
    Mike retold his contest speech, featuring antics from a handful of his animal friends at the Phoenix zoo.

Table Topics:

  • Which is it better to donate: time or money, and why?
    Audrey challenged us to go ahead and give money when we were able to, but encouraged us further to make donating time a priority.
  • What is something you’ve done right that you’re proud of?
    Pablo talked about giving back to the community because he believes “that children are our future; teach them well and….” He is particularly proud of his work with Guitars Not Guns and Junior Achievement.
  • What is something you would change about the student loan process?
    In not so few words, Emi basically said she wouldn’t change anything. She believes in being responsible and robpaying back loans, working hard for your own education rather than expecting someone else to pay it for you or simply forgive your debt.
  • The secretary missed Rob’s question but his answer was that to give sacrificially benefits everyone.


  • Toastmaster – Rob M.
  • Topicmaster – Michael H.
  • General Evaluator – Sheryl R.
  • Wordmaster – Pablo R.
    lizWord of the Day: Fiduciary (adjective): of, relating to, or involving a confidence or trust; (noun) a trustee
  • Grammarian – Winona P.
  • Ah Counter – Liz Sh.
  • Timer – Emi B.
  • Word of Wisdom – Audrey D.
  • Jokemaster – Liz S.


  • Most Effective Evaluator: Winona P.
    Best Table Topics Speaker: Pablo R.
    Speech of the Day: Casey B.
    Spark Plug Award: Mike B.

emiVice President Education Karen R. closed out the meeting.

Business & Reports:

  • Immediate Past President Liz presented the President’s Distinguished Club ribbon to the club.
  • Then Treasurer Liz announced the kickoff of dues renewals.
  • Emi and Sheryl presented their Home Club of the Area Director ribbons to the club.
  • Next week (the day after Labor Day) will be speech-a-thon day.
  • Karen called for a motion to pay $75 to the Gilbert Historical Museum for the venue fee for the Spooky Tales Contest on November 1st (that is $25 an hour for 3 hours). Liz so moved and Pablo seconded. The motion passed.



Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contest: August 23, 2016

August 23, 2016 Maverick Club Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests at Sun Valley High School – 13 total in attendance

Presiding Officer Michael M. led us through the pledge and club mission statement before introducing the Contest Chair Rahul I.


  • Since there was only one contestant for the Humorous Speech, Rahul I. motioned to appoint Mike B. as our club Humorous Speech representative. The motion was seconded by Emi and was approved by a vote of the membership present.


  • Contest Chair: Rahul I.
  • Chief Judge: Karen R.
  • Timers: Michael K. and Paul F.

Table Topics Contest:  

Question: If you could change anything, what would it be?

  • Contestant #1: Michael M.
    Michael talked about how cancer affected so many people and therefore, he wanted there to be a cure for cancer.
  • Contestant #2: Audrey D.
    Audrey talked about how on her recent trip to Europe, she was confronted about our presidential elections. She decided she would change our candidates.
  • Contestant #3: Liz S.
    Liz initially wanted to require licensing to have children, realized that would never happen, then decided a good compromise would be to offer parenting classes. Liz would teach people how to be better parents.
  • Contestant #4: Mike B.
    Mike decided that social media, like Facebook and Twitter, were doing damage to our ability to communicate and think critically so he would choose to do away with social media.

Contest Results:

  • 2nd Place: Mike B.
  • 1st Place: Liz S.

mike_second   liz_first

The contest was adjourned and Mike B. was introduced to practice his contest speech.

Mike B. “Some of My Best Friends”
Mike shared some stories from his animal friends at the Phoenix Zoo and how they had some very human-like characteristics.

A round-robin evaluation was provided for Mike’s speech.

Where did the vet stick that hand?!?!

Where did the vet stick that hand?!?!

Club Business:

  • Liz motioned to accept Jeff S. and Mike K. into membership. Rob seconded the motion. A quick vote of the club membership present passed the motion. Welcome to the Maverick Family, Jeff S. and Mike K.!

Toastmasters Moments:

  • Michael H. talked about being the Club Growth Director at the International Convention in Washington, D.C.  Some of his responsibilities at the convention were to attend district leader training and interviewing candidates. He had a great time at the convention.
  • Paul F. presided over the congregation at church. During his earlier run-through, he was a little nervous but when the time came, his Toastmasters training kicked in and he did very well, having memorized over 12 minutes of his presentation.
  • Liz S. talked about how Rob’s “KKK” (Kefir, Kombucha, and Kraut) speech changed her life. She had to create counter space for her kefir and in doing so, started decluttering her whole kitchen, which turned into decluttering the rest of the house. She’s already made several trips to Goodwill and is seeing great progress.

Executive Committee Meeting – August 2016

Meeting called to order at 8:44 pm.

Attendance: Michael M., Mike B., Emi B., Karen R., Deb M., Winona P., and Rahul I.


Officer Reports:

Vice President Education (Karen & Deb)

  • Karen will be replacing Michael H. as Chief Judge for next week’s contest; Michael will mentor her instead.
  • September 6th will be the next possible speech-a-thon date, if there ends up being low attendance planned for that week. Emi offered an alternative of a grab-bag meeting where assignments – speakers included – are drawn from a bag at the meeting. Emi participated in a grab-bag meeting at Valued Voices and it went REALLY well and was educational for all.
  • Deb is training as new VPE. Karen will have her start scheduling now, under supervision, so she’ll understand the process. She has great plans for updating the spreadsheets.
  • Spooky Tales is rescheduled for November 1st and plans are in the works to have it at the Gilbert Historical Museum. Winona will be the chair, taking point on signing up speakers and food contributions and coordinating decorations. There was a discussion on adding an impromptu exercise to the event, such as a group story with table topics timing.
  • Michael H. plans to do the Moments of Truth module for the November 22nd meeting.
  • Pablo volunteered as chair for the Christmas party this year.

Vice President Membership (Winona)

  • No attendees for orientation tonight.
  • First time guest Jeff submitted his application tonight.
  • Winona will follow up with Paulette.
  • Karen suggested changing new member induction ceremony to the same week as orientation so it can be promoted as a package. Emi so moved, Winona seconded and the motion passed.

Vice President Public Relations (Mike B.)

  • Mike will offer photography services over the next 2-3 weeks. Some headshots need to be retaken.
  • He plans to do a new video to promote Spooky Tales and an announcement in the papers.

Vice President Mentoring (Casey absent)

Treasurer (Liz absent)

  • Renewals letters to go out on September 1st.
  • Audit Committee will meet at Rio Rico restaurant this Sunday at 1:00 pm.
  • Emi made an addition error on the dues schedule for August/September and it needs to be fixed for the guest packets.

Secretary (Emi)

  • Emi to resend profile request to clarify this is a PR effort and should focus on the positives, for publishing on the club website.

Sergeant At Arms (Rahul)

  • Hospitality committee on haitus.
  • Venue search will resume after club contest. Trying to find something within a block or two.
  • To address the issue of the lack of interest in the SAA role, Emi suggested having the SAA open the club meetings (call to order, pledge, mission statement, introduce presiding officer) so the position can be sold as a weekly opportunity to speak in front of the club.

Club Success Planning:

  • 2 CC’s:  Audrey 8/16/2016, Casey 12/31/2016
  • 2 CC’s:  Pablo 6/30/2017, Liz 6/30/2016
  • 1 AC: Winona 9/6/2016
  • 1 AC: Rahul 3/31/2016
  • 1 CL/AL/DTM: Rahul (CL) 12/31/2016
  • 1 CL/AL/DTM: Michael M (ALB) 12/31/2016

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Aviation: August 16, 2016 Meeting

August 16, 2016 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 16 total in attendance, including 4 guests

Meeting Theme:  Aviation

Presiding Officer Michael M. led us through the pledge, club mission statement, and Toastmasters moments before introducing Toastmaster Paul F.

Toastmaster Moments:

  • Rahul I. participated in an unsolicited telephone interview.
  • Deb M. was selected as a juror and was happy to report that she felt comfortable speaking in front of everyone.
  • Audrey D. started training and did very well.
  • Our guest Paulette was thankful for having already learned the importance of self-discipline with timing while at a recent meeting.


  • Angel’s son, Dominic, returned again and served both as videographer and wisdom master
  • Paulette loved us so much last week she returned for more
  • Jeff visited for the first time tonight and submitted his application by the end of the night
  • Phyllis, Paul’s wife, came to see what he’s been doing on Tuesday nights


  • Angel Y., “Alternative Healing”
    Competent Communication Manual, Project #2: Organize Your Speech
    Angel shared her healing experiences at the Merritt Center in Payson, run by Betty Merritt for combat veterans. While there, she experienced three different types of alternative healing practices: Yoga Nidra, which utilizes that state between wake and sleep and benefits greatly those with conditions such as PTSD, sleep and mood disorders, and trauma; Cranial Sacral Therapy, which helps to alleviate the pain from physical injury and helps those with emotional and psychological distress; and Reiki, energy and touch treatment that helps to alleviate tension and stress and creates an environment for healing and emotional well-being.
  • Audrey D., “Giving and Receiving”
    Competent Communication Manual, Project #10: Inspire Your Audience
    Audrey earned her Competent Communicator Award in style, inspiring us to become better givers of money and time and receivers of grace. She reframed the saying, “You’ve got to give until it hurts,” to “Sacrificial Giving” as modeled by her late grandmother and the widow’s offering of Mark 12. Audrey went on to reframe the saying, “You’ve got to give to get,” to give to be energized and to learn how to receive.
  • Sheryl R., “Opposition”
    Persuasive Speaking Advanced Manual, Project #4: Addressing the Opposition
    Sheryl gave us some insights on how she met and dated her husband Steve in college, with her family background in accepting what you’re told without question versus Steve’s family background of challenging and questioning everything. She continued on to talk about the specific issue of scripture vs science and how many conflicts are actually a conflict between science and tradition, rather than science and scripture. Through this story, Sheryl led to us to the concept of questioning, studying, and thinking for ourselves. Following her presentation, she expertly facilitated a Q&A session then concluded nicely by encouraging us not to settle for tradition or theory but to study and think.

Table Topics:

  • Karen R. was asked if she had a fear of heights or a fear of flying. She started out saying that with how frequently she flies, that wasn’t a fear for her. And while she started out saying she didn’t really have a fear of heights either, she eventually admitted that she might have a problem with a transparent walkway at the top of a tall building.
  • Mike B. was asked to share what brings him a sense of joy and magic like one might feel while flying. Mike told us that as a boy growing up, his father would often take him flying while doing all kinds of tricks, and he grew to love the rush of the experience. Because of this, he also enjoys roller coasters, which mimics the feeling of being in the air.



  • Toastmaster – Paul F.
  • Topicmaster – Winona P.
  • General Evaluator – Rob M.
  • Wordmaster – Karen R.
    Word of the Day: Soar (verb) – to increase very quickly in amount or price; to fly or sail often at a great height by floating on air currents; to rise quickly upward to a great height
  • Grammarian – Deb M.
  • Ah Counter – Mike B.
  • Timer – Rahul I.
  • Word of Wisdom – Dominic
  • Jokemaster – Karen R.


  • Most Effective Evaluator: Emi B.
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Karen R.
  • Speech of the Day: Sheryl R.
  • Spark Plug Award: Dominic, for being wisdom master and videographer

Business & Reports:

  • Congratulations to Audrey on earning her Competent Communicator Award! She received a standing ovation for achieving this milestone.
  • Club Speech Contest is NEXT WEEK!!!  Functionaries are still needed and there is still room for additional contestants. Contact Rahul now to sign up.
  • Officer meeting follows club meeting.

Meet Our Members Series: Emi B.

Meet Emi B.
headshotWhen and why did you join Toastmasters?

My father was a Toastmaster in Hawaii and when I visited him with my infant son back in the late 90’s, I had the opportunity to visit his club with him as he practiced his speech for the Regional International Speech Contest. At the time, I was in a fairly deep depression and was in the process of developing agorapobia. I knew at that first visit that Toastmasters was something I needed. It took a visit by my father for me to finally visit my first club in Arizona and by that time, I had full blown agoraphobia, even having an anxiety attack at church and having to leave the service early. I didn’t join that club first and my father left. Not too long after that, I finally hit bottom and realized it was time for me to do something. I had my husband put me in the car and drive me to another club meeting and as he sat right outside the meeting room with our toddler son, I committed to joining. That was in July of 1999. Today I am a healthy, fully functioning human being, completely cured of my depression and agoraphobia, with a job and who enjoys the company of others.

In your opinion, what makes the Maverick Club special? / Why did you choose to join Maverick Club?

I didn’t just “join” the Maverick Club, I helped to create it. At my last club (which was also my first club), I felt as though I were being held back by some of the other members. I wanted to put a larger emphasis on mentoring and that vision was not shared by the officers there. So a fellow refugee of that club and I started Maverick and together we were able to build into the culture a strong mentoring program right from the beginning, along with an emphasis on having fun and building friendships and camaraderie… the things that make this club special and something I look forward to every single week. On those rare days that I have to miss a meeting, I feel as though I’ve missed a visit with the family.

What has been your most significant accomplishment within the Toastmasters program to date?

I’d like to say that starting Maverick was my most significant accomplishment within the Toastmasters program, but that wouldn’t be true. My most significant accomplishment would be a tie between walking through the door for the first time and signing my name on the application form. To say I was unhealthy at the time would be an understatement but I knew what I needed to do… I needed to join this club.

How has Toastmasters helped you in other areas of life?

Outside of the Toastmasters club, the skills I’ve learned have helped me speak up for myself, nail job interviews, resign from one of those jobs with grace and strength, accept criticism from others, even when they’re presented negatively, without feeling the need to defend myself, and evaluate and incorporate feedback from others.

Who has influenced you the most so far in your Toastmasters journey?

I’ve had many official and unofficial Toastmasters mentors over the years but one of them is fellow Maverick, Liz. She helped guide me through one of the most difficult personal challenges in my life and since then has talked me off many ledges. She continues to challenge me to set higher standards for myself.  What more could you ask for from a friend and mentor?

Left Brain – Right Brain: August 9, 2016 Meeting

August 9, 2016 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 18 total in attendance, including 4 guests

Meeting Theme:  Left Brain – Right Brain

Presiding Officer Michael M. led us through the pledge, club mission statement, and Toastmasters moments before changing from his presiding officer hat to his Toastmaster hat.

Toastmaster Moments:

  • Audrey D. was asked to run a Bible study at church and had no problems successfully leading the one hour study.
  • Emi B. recently used many of her Toastmasters skills dealing with and resolving a recent series of fraudulent charges on her credit card.
  • Rahul I. did well on his mid-year performance. It was mentioned that his leadership and communication skills had all improved.
  • Our guest, Dominic, said that observing and participating in our club meetings over the last few weeks has helped him with his on-camera school broadcasts.


  • Angel’s son, Dominic, returned again – we so enjoy having him with us!
  • DeeLynn S. brought a guest, Paulette who seemed to really enjoy herself
  • Mike, a visitor from last November, returned to visit us again
  • Roya, Mike’s girlfriend


  • Rob M., “WHAT A WOMAN!!!”
    Competent Communication Manual, Project #6: Vocal Variety
    Rob paid homage to his mother, Joann, in his touching speech tonight. This amazing woman survived having five children in six years, with no car of her own, raising her “little dickens” and taking personal mental health moments like painting the walls or sending the children to take naps. She has been able to call three generations of children her “little dickens,” and prepares to celebrate her 83rd birthday this year.
  • Liz S., “Bang for the Buck”
    Competent Communication Manual, Project #9: Persuade With Power
    In preparation for the dues renewals period where the dues increase take affect, Liz compared the Toastmasters program to the Dale Carnegie program. Whereas six months of membership with Maverick will be $63, or less than $2 per meeting, an 8 week Dale Carnegie program will coast $64.10 an hour. While some have heralded the Dale Carnegie program as “life changing,” Liz truly experienced life-changing progress thanks to Toastmasters, getting off her depression and anxiety medications and retiring her service dog.

Table Topics:

  • Sheryl R. was asked to share either a recent non-fiction book she’s read, or her favorite poet or children’s author. She talked about a romance novel she read recently, one evening starting her read at 7:00 pm and not putting the book down until after midnight. She could not remember the author’s name, which the audience agreed was evidence she was right-brained.
  • Pablo R. admitted that it was more apt he be voted “Most likely to get lost in a mall” than “Most likely to invent the time machine.” He talked about a recent shopping experience where he spent 45 minutes in the parking lot looking for his car. Everyone agreed he was most definitely right-brained.
  • Angel Y. was asked about her morning routine in selecting her outfit for the day, a silly choice of questions for the Table Topics Master to ask her, since she always arrives at meetings in her scrubs. She said before the scrubs, she wore military uniforms. In between, she admitted she did go shopping for a new wardrobe in preparation for working in real estate. Although Angel’s question and answer didn’t really reveal which hemisphere of her brain was dominant, she said she was right-brained.
  • Paul F. was asked how he prioritized and completed multiple projects. Paul said it all started with a nap, followed by making a list, followed by abandoning the list… His response indicated he was both right- and left-brained and Paul agreed.
  • Kay D. was asked what she would do to prepare for a free grand-prize trip to Hawaii. She said it started with losing weight so she could fit into her swimsuit, followed by careful wardrobe planning and estimating cash needs and how to get as many free drinks as possible during the flight over, clearly showing her left-brained mind.
  • Dominic was asked if he would prefer to be an actor in a theater production or the director. Dom admitted to preferring to do this his way and said he’d prefer to be the director. He felt that role would also enable him to exercise his creativity. Although, he would be okay with being an actor as well. The general consensus was that Dom was both right- and left-brained and mom Angel agreed.
  • Paulette was asked if she would prefer a trip to a science and technology center, or a guided tour of a 500 year old cathedral. She said she would like anything that enabled her to interact with children, and yet, she preferred it be nothing related to technology. Agreement was that Paulette is clearly right-brained.


  • Toastmaster – Michael M.
  • Topicmaster – Emi B.
  • General Evaluator – Rahul I.
  • Wordmaster – Michael H.
    Word of the Day: Copacetic (adjective) – very satisfactory
  • Grammarian – Angel Y.
  • Ah Counter – Pablo R.
  • Timer – Deb M.
  • Word of Wisdom – Paul F.
    Paul shared some wisdom from the book, Axiom, by Bill Hybels.
  • Jokemaster – Kay D.


  • Most Effective Evaluator: Audrey D.
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Sheryl R.
  • Speech of the Day: Liz S.
  • Spark Plug Award: Paulette

Business & Reports:

  • Michael H. put out a call for contestants and functionaries for the August 23rd club contest. He will be chief judge and Rahul is the contest manager. Interested members can talk to either of them.  Don’t forget: you can receive manual credit for participating in the humorous speech contest; it would make a good project #5 or #6. The speech needs to be 5-7 minute and have a beginning, middle, and end (it should not simply be a series of jokes like a stand-up comedy routine).
  • Emi B. reminded everyone next week is new member orientation in the adjacent room, starting at 6:30 pm.
  • Michael M. added that next week is also the executive committee meeting following the club meeting. Please submit officer reports to the officer email address by Sunday night.
  • Liz made a motion for Deb M. to take the VPE role starting when Karen becomes no longer available – the precise date to be announced. Michael H. seconded the motion and the motion was approved by the club membership.

Vacations: August 2, 2016 Meeting

August 2, 2016 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 15 souls braved the torrential downpour, including 1 guest

Meeting Theme:  Vacations

Presiding Officer Michael M. led us through the pledge, club mission statement, and Toastmasters moments before introducing Toastmaster Casey.

Toastmaster Moments:

  • Emi B. did her one hour presentation at ITT Tech again and this time deliberately left her notes at home (the last time it was by accident). She skipped one small section but overall was happy with how she did.
  • Mike B. was called upon to give a last minute presentation at his networking group last week. He did very well, as we knew he would.


  • DSCN0883All other prospective guests were scared off by the storm, but Steve, a guest from Mike B.’s networking group, was brave enough to make it.


  • Michael M., “Becoming a Distinguished Club”
    Successful Club Series Module
    Michael reviewed what it will take for Maverick to continue its legacy of being a President’s Distinguished Club. He included a lot of great personal anecdotes.
  • DSCN0885Rahul I., “Car Trouble”
    Interpersonal Communication Advanced Manual, Project #2: The Successful Negotiator
    Rahul’s speech had 3 parts: a brief speech on the skill of negotiating and the different types of outcomes, a role play with Mike H. where one was a dealer maintenance customer service representative and Rahul a customer with a car with a failing transmission; and a Q&A on the role play scenario.
  • Table Topics:
    • DeeLynn S. was asked what her dream vacation would be if neither time nor money were factors. She talked about a trip she had heard of about 30 years ago – going to Turtle Island and being cooked for by a personal chef, having a private bungalow and private beach… all for the bargain price of $20,000 for two weeks.
    • Liz S. was asked whether she would take a 30 day trip to Europe or the far East. She said that she had always wanted to visit Scotland and Greece, but economic conditions being what they were, she’d opt for Scotland. She envisioned herself staying in a castle, perhaps one that was haunted. She concluded by letting us know she’d been saving up for a trip to Ireland but she was going to change that to Scotland.
    • Karen R. was asked what the worst vacation she ever took was. She started off teasing that it was a trip she’d taken with “Uncle Mike B.” but quickly confessed it was a trip to Green Bay, WI she’d taken as a college student where everything went wrong from having to shovel snow to get out of their driveway, to being late getting the airport, to having to turn the plane around as it approached the airport in Green Bay, and even more.
    • Deb M. was asked what the biggest surprise she’d ever gotten while on a vacation was. She talked about a trip from Orlando to St. Martin by way of San Juan. They ended up not being able to catch a flight out of San Juan and ended up just hanging out at the airport when a stranger suddenly greeted them with enthusiasm and engaged them in conversation.  It was a pleasant surprise.
    • Our guest Steve took on the question of whether he would choose to visit Southern Europe or Scandinavia. He said he would choose to go back to Scandinavia and told us a fun story of his last visit where, even though his physical features resembled the locals, he was clearly “the runt of the litter.”


    • Toastmaster – Casey B.
    • Topicmaster – Mike B.
    • General Evaluator – Emi B.  ….wow, power to the B’s!
    • Wordmaster – Deb M.
      Word of the Day: Terminus (noun) – the end of a travel route (e.g. bus or train); final goal or finishing point; a post or stone marking a boundary
    • Grammarian – Sheryl R.
    • Ah Counter – Angel Y. & DeeLynn S.
    • Timer – Paul F.
    • Word of Wisdom – Angel Y.
      Angel talked about the teamwork utilized by a flock of geese.
    • Jokemaster – Mike H.


    • Most Effective Evaluator: Rob M.
    • Best Table Topics Speaker: Our guest, Steve
    • Speech of the Day: Michael M.
    • Spark Plug Award: Angel Y.

    Business & Reports:

    • Emi asked everyone willing to please complete a photo release form and submit it to her so that she can post photos on the blog and on Facebook. She will not post photos of those who do not submit a release form.
    • Emi also announced she has openings for Assistant Area Director, as well as for Contest Manager and Chief Judge for the September 19th Area T6 Contests. Contact Emi for more information or if you are interested.
    • Karen announced and distributed flyers for the August 23rd club humorous speech and table topics contests.
    • Karen also announced she will be leaving us soon since her husband has gotten a job in Florida. She will continue in her role of VPE for as long as she can, but the position will become available soon, so please consider volunteering for the role. We will most definitely mourn the loss of Karen as a member of our club.

Pioneers: July 26, 2016 Meeting

July 26, 2016 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 18 in attendance

Meeting Theme:  Pioneers

Presiding Officer Michael M. led us through the pledge, club mission statement, and Toastmasters moments like a pro before introducing Toastmaster Karen.

Toastmaster Moments:

  • Karen attended Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) and found the training to be better than she was expecting. Her greatest take-away was that the founding members of Maverick (including Emi, Liz, and Rob) put practices into place early as to set the club up for success and she was very thankful for that.
  • Michael H acknowledged how Toastmasters had helped him in varying aspects of communication, including becoming at reading and writing email messages. Toastmasters is not just for public speaking!
  • Liz told us how she had spent 30 minutes on the phone today with a pregnant heroine addict who her program wouldn’t serve, but she was able to get her into a detox program to help her and the baby.
  • Pablo was asked to put a presentation together three months ago that he’s had to present multiple times and he has been getting a lot of positive comments about it.
  • Michael M agreed with Karen that TLI was great and he is happy he is improving his leadership skills.


  • Wanda, a visiting Distinguished Toastmaster from Florida
  • Keyester, Wanda’s daughter, first time visitor
  • Jay, first time visitor
  • Lily, returning visitor
  • Dominic, returning visitor and Angel’s son


  • Emi B., “Officer Installation”
    Competent Communication Project #3: Get to the Point
    Emi ran through the responsibilities of the officers (who were present) and officially installed them into their roles.
    Officer Installation
  • Pablo R., “Aged Out”
    Competent Communication Project #7: Research Your Topic
    Pablo talked about the 600 or so teens who age out of the Arizona foster care system without being adopted. He shared some of their challenges (50% of girls end up pregnant by 19 and 25% of boys end up fathering a child by 19) and how we can help (for information about making a tax-deductible donation or on how to become an adoptive parent, visit
  • Mike H., “Fork ‘Em”
    Competent Communication Project #2: Organize Your Speech
    Mike talked about being a Sun Devils football fan, about the 1996 season, the 4th game 19-0 shut-out of #1 ranked Nebraska, and the heart-breaking loss to Ohio State in the 1997 Rose Bowl game.

Table Topics:

  • Angel answered the question of what should be invented in order for NASA to take the next step in the space program by talking about building a space ship and space program that would enable the Average Joe to be able to go into space.
  • Angel’s son Dominic talked about how the next generation of gaming should involve holographics that could be operated within the home without the use of special visors in reply to the question of what advances should be made in the gaming industry.
  • With regards to the medical field, Sheryl would like to see us better able to define optimal treatments for each different type of cancer, rather than the simple “let’s cut it out” generalized treatment.


  • Toastmaster – Karen R.
  • Topicmaster – DeeLynn S.
  • General Evaluator – Michael M.
  • Wordmaster – Michael H.
    Word of the Day: Incipient (adjective) – beginning to exist or appear in an initial stage
  • Grammarian – Angel Y.
  • Ah Counter – Deb M.
  • Timer – Liz S.
  • Word of Wisdom – Rob M.
    “Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”  ~ Deepak Chopra
  • Jokemaster – Sheryl R.


  • Most Effective Evaluator: Rob M.
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Dominic
  • Speech of the Day: Pablo R.
  • Spark Plug Award: DeeLynn S.

Business & Reports:

  • Liz S. distributed the budget for 2016-2017 for review and approval by the membership. The proposal had been approved by the executive committee and was ready for adoption by the club. One comment made was that it did not include a likely venue fee for the upcoming Spooky Tales Contest since Renee’s facility was not available.  A motion to approve the budget was made by Rahul I. and seconded by Rob M. The motion passed with no opposition.
  • Karen R. mentioned she would be adding the role of videographer to the schedule, assigning one of the week’s pinch-hitters. If there are no pinch-hitters on a given week, the videography responsibilities will be assigned to the night’s jokemaster.
  • Emi B. was reminded to take the timing lights home for repair.

Executive Committee Meeting – July 2016

Meeting called to order at 8:41 pm.

Attendance: Michael M., Mike B., Casey B., Emi B., Liz S., and Rahul I.


Officer Reports:

Vice President Education (Karen absent)

  • Liz appreciated how Karen has scheduled out the entire year, planning for quarterly speech-a-thons following three-day weekends
  • There will be an emphasis on presenting modules this year, which benefit the club by instructing members on how to improve meetings (Successful Club Series), the basics of public speaking (Better Speaker Series), or leadership skills (Leadership Excellence Series), and it benefits the presenters by earning credit toward Advanced Leader awards. To date, Michael H. and Michael M. are scheduled to present module speeches. Karen will be approaching others with this opportunity as well.
  • Karen will need to present upcoming non-meeting dates (for example, December 27th) to the club membership for a vote of approval to cancel the meetings for those dates.
  • Liz will talk to Karen about creating a “videographer” role, or perhaps assign that task to the jokemaster or wisdom master. Emi will assume responsibility for uploading the video files to the YouTube channel.

Vice President Membership (Winona absent)

  • Emi recently purchased large quantities of folders from Staples at a good price and will assemble guest packets and orientation packets to be ready next Tuesday as we are out of both.
  • Need to recruit a back up for the VPM role for dates Winona is unable to attend.
  • Note Smedley Membership Campaign will be August 1 – September 30. This is a great opportunity for a member to earn credit in the Competent Leadership manual, project #8. We’ll need to open this up to the membership to discover who needs to complete this project.

Vice President Public Relations

  • Mike issued a heartfelt public apology for the tardiness of his report.
  • Mike’s equipment was stolen and with is the headshots he took a few months back. He plans to retake photos the end of August.

Vice President Mentoring

  • Casey also issued a public apology for the tardiness of his report but one-upped Mike by doing some pushups for us.
  • The question was posed of what the qualifications of being a mentor were. Emi suggested someone who has given the first three speeches and has cycled through each of the functionary roles, but also someone who displays confidence and a willingness to serve in this capacity.  Those who currently have no assigned mentee may definitely be approached for recruitment as a mentor.
  • The possibility of Casey publishing a club newsletter article about outside events was raised.


  • Liz just received the treasurer supplies and will be reviewing everything. It was already noted that the checkbook was missing and Michael will get that to her.
  • Michael’s and Liz’s roles need to be exchanged at the bank. They will need to print out an officer list to take with them to the bank.
  • Liz will send out last year’s budget. Requests for changes to line items need to be submitted to her by Sunday, July 24th so she will be prepared to present the budget to the club next week.


  • Working on uploading the officer reports for the last year to the website. Emi asked Liz if she still had agenda files she could email and will ask Sheryl for minutes.

Sergeant At Arms

  • Needs to recruit an assistant for those days Rahul is either unable to attend or won’t be able to arrive early, and someone to prepare as successor.

Meeting adjourned at 9:22 pm.