Left Brain – Right Brain: August 9, 2016 Meeting

August 9, 2016 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 18 total in attendance, including 4 guests

Meeting Theme:  Left Brain – Right Brain

Presiding Officer Michael M. led us through the pledge, club mission statement, and Toastmasters moments before changing from his presiding officer hat to his Toastmaster hat.

Toastmaster Moments:

  • Audrey D. was asked to run a Bible study at church and had no problems successfully leading the one hour study.
  • Emi B. recently used many of her Toastmasters skills dealing with and resolving a recent series of fraudulent charges on her credit card.
  • Rahul I. did well on his mid-year performance. It was mentioned that his leadership and communication skills had all improved.
  • Our guest, Dominic, said that observing and participating in our club meetings over the last few weeks has helped him with his on-camera school broadcasts.


  • Angel’s son, Dominic, returned again – we so enjoy having him with us!
  • DeeLynn S. brought a guest, Paulette who seemed to really enjoy herself
  • Mike, a visitor from last November, returned to visit us again
  • Roya, Mike’s girlfriend


  • Rob M., “WHAT A WOMAN!!!”
    Competent Communication Manual, Project #6: Vocal Variety
    Rob paid homage to his mother, Joann, in his touching speech tonight. This amazing woman survived having five children in six years, with no car of her own, raising her “little dickens” and taking personal mental health moments like painting the walls or sending the children to take naps. She has been able to call three generations of children her “little dickens,” and prepares to celebrate her 83rd birthday this year.
  • Liz S., “Bang for the Buck”
    Competent Communication Manual, Project #9: Persuade With Power
    In preparation for the dues renewals period where the dues increase take affect, Liz compared the Toastmasters program to the Dale Carnegie program. Whereas six months of membership with Maverick will be $63, or less than $2 per meeting, an 8 week Dale Carnegie program will coast $64.10 an hour. While some have heralded the Dale Carnegie program as “life changing,” Liz truly experienced life-changing progress thanks to Toastmasters, getting off her depression and anxiety medications and retiring her service dog.

Table Topics:

  • Sheryl R. was asked to share either a recent non-fiction book she’s read, or her favorite poet or children’s author. She talked about a romance novel she read recently, one evening starting her read at 7:00 pm and not putting the book down until after midnight. She could not remember the author’s name, which the audience agreed was evidence she was right-brained.
  • Pablo R. admitted that it was more apt he be voted “Most likely to get lost in a mall” than “Most likely to invent the time machine.” He talked about a recent shopping experience where he spent 45 minutes in the parking lot looking for his car. Everyone agreed he was most definitely right-brained.
  • Angel Y. was asked about her morning routine in selecting her outfit for the day, a silly choice of questions for the Table Topics Master to ask her, since she always arrives at meetings in her scrubs. She said before the scrubs, she wore military uniforms. In between, she admitted she did go shopping for a new wardrobe in preparation for working in real estate. Although Angel’s question and answer didn’t really reveal which hemisphere of her brain was dominant, she said she was right-brained.
  • Paul F. was asked how he prioritized and completed multiple projects. Paul said it all started with a nap, followed by making a list, followed by abandoning the list… His response indicated he was both right- and left-brained and Paul agreed.
  • Kay D. was asked what she would do to prepare for a free grand-prize trip to Hawaii. She said it started with losing weight so she could fit into her swimsuit, followed by careful wardrobe planning and estimating cash needs and how to get as many free drinks as possible during the flight over, clearly showing her left-brained mind.
  • Dominic was asked if he would prefer to be an actor in a theater production or the director. Dom admitted to preferring to do this his way and said he’d prefer to be the director. He felt that role would also enable him to exercise his creativity. Although, he would be okay with being an actor as well. The general consensus was that Dom was both right- and left-brained and mom Angel agreed.
  • Paulette was asked if she would prefer a trip to a science and technology center, or a guided tour of a 500 year old cathedral. She said she would like anything that enabled her to interact with children, and yet, she preferred it be nothing related to technology. Agreement was that Paulette is clearly right-brained.


  • Toastmaster – Michael M.
  • Topicmaster – Emi B.
  • General Evaluator – Rahul I.
  • Wordmaster – Michael H.
    Word of the Day: Copacetic (adjective) – very satisfactory
  • Grammarian – Angel Y.
  • Ah Counter – Pablo R.
  • Timer – Deb M.
  • Word of Wisdom – Paul F.
    Paul shared some wisdom from the book, Axiom, by Bill Hybels.
  • Jokemaster – Kay D.


  • Most Effective Evaluator: Audrey D.
  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Sheryl R.
  • Speech of the Day: Liz S.
  • Spark Plug Award: Paulette

Business & Reports:

  • Michael H. put out a call for contestants and functionaries for the August 23rd club contest. He will be chief judge and Rahul is the contest manager. Interested members can talk to either of them.  Don’t forget: you can receive manual credit for participating in the humorous speech contest; it would make a good project #5 or #6. The speech needs to be 5-7 minute and have a beginning, middle, and end (it should not simply be a series of jokes like a stand-up comedy routine).
  • Emi B. reminded everyone next week is new member orientation in the adjacent room, starting at 6:30 pm.
  • Michael M. added that next week is also the executive committee meeting following the club meeting. Please submit officer reports to the officer email address by Sunday night.
  • Liz made a motion for Deb M. to take the VPE role starting when Karen becomes no longer available – the precise date to be announced. Michael H. seconded the motion and the motion was approved by the club membership.

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