November 17, 2015 Maverick Club Meeting

November 17 , 2015 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 15 in attendance

Presiding Officer Liz Shaw


Karen Russ, CC:  Project 2 – Organize Your Speech, “Grand Canyon Hiking to the Bottom,” shared her feelings of a major walk through vivid descriptions.  Even included the buying of the t-shirt. Evaluated by Audrey Dieken.

Pablo Rodriquez, CC:  Project 3 – Get to the Point, “One Miracle – One Person at a Time” shared a challenge in his winning speech of joining the program to put guitars plus lessons in the hands of at risk boys. Winning evaluation by Winona Petersen .

Michael Millan, AC – Entertaining Speaker: Project  4 A Dramatic Talk, “Mohave Death Race, ” shocked us with his team adventure of crossing the 250 mile desert via multiple methods within 24 hours .  Evaluated by Rob McLeod.

Table Topics by Emi Bauer with “Alternate Endings”

  • Star Wars Luke misses his heroic shot so Chewbacca had to save the day by Liz Shaw.
  • Although Cinderella’s foot broke the glass slipper Renee said the prince did not look elsewhere
  • The Pillsbury Doughboy slipped into the villain role but Casey told of his downfall.
  • Rhett Butler decided after a contrite apology for Gone with the Wind.

Guest appearances

  • Mike Kassis and returning Kay D’Spain


  • Toastmaster – DJ McMurray
  • Grammarian – Liz Shaw
  • General Evaluator – Michael Heier
  • Timer – Sheryl Ross
  • Ah Counter – Rahul Iyer
  • Wordmaster – Renee Russo brought us “thanksgiving.”
  • Word of Wisdom – Rahul Iyer
  • Jokemaster – Casey Block

Business & Reports

Motion made to cancel next week’s meeting due to Thanksgiving plans by DJ McMurray.  Pablo Rodriquez seconded.  Vote was unanimous.

Adjourned 8:28 pm

November 10, 2015 Maverick Club Meeting

November 10 , 2015 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 14 in attendance

Presiding Officer Liz Shaw


Audrey Dieken, CC:  Project 4 – How to Say it, winning speech “That Can’t Happen to Me!” invited us into her life experience of an illness.  Evaluated by Renee Russo.

Sheryl Ross, REP:  Project 5 – Writing a Compelling BLOG, “BLOG Brief – How can you Say Anything in 2 Minutes?” shared the difficulty in presenting this topic in such a short time frame.  Presented hand out to cover facts.  Evaluation by Rahul Iyer.

Liz Shaw, CC: Project Research Your Topic, “Building Your Twitter Tribe.”  Blue Bird PowerPoint on contradictory research on best practice to enlarge our accounts.  Evaluated by winner Mike Becko.

Table Topics by Casey Block and son with “Gratitude”

  • Fear driven away through gratitude -Michael Heier
  • Grateful for brother, video games and sister won the night – Hudson Block\
  • Supportive team brought gratitude to birthday girl – DeeLynn Southwick
  • Happy people are grateful people or grateful makes happy? – Emi Bauer 

Guest appearances

  • Hudson Block and former TT Kay


  • Toastmaster – Rob McLeod
  • Grammarian – Emi Bauer
  • General Evaluator – Michael Millan
  • Timer – DJ McMurray
  • Ah Counter – Michael Heier
  • Wordmaster – DeeLynn Southwick fed us “cornucopia” which nearly all included when speaking as it reminded us of many good things to share!
  • Word of Wisdom – Michael Heier
  • Jokemaster – DeeLynn Southwick telling David DeCelles’ joke

Business & Reports

Michael Millan demonstrated our new video recorder purchase.

Adjourned 8:29 pm

November 3, 2015 Maverick Club Meeting

November 3, 2015 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 16 in attendance

Presiding Officer Liz Shaw


David DeCelles, CC:  Project One – Icebreaker,  “Metamorphosis,” introduced us into his life starring the change of having a baby girl join the family.  He doubled his impact with a delightful picture book of her.  Evaluated by Casey Block.

Mike Becko, CC- Project 5 Your body Speaks, “The Beatnik Generation” shared the to seek love and not war with us dressed all in black including shades while free versing to the drum beat.   Winning evaluation by Sheryl Ross.

Winona Petersen, AC – Entertaining Speaker, Project The Dramatic Talk, “Augmentee.”  This winning speech held us in suspension with her day protecting from a murderer her facility with her 6″ stick and the phone.  Evaluated by Michael Heier.

Table Topics by Audrey Dieken with “Fill in the Blanks”

  • College choice leading into choice life – Sheryl Ross
  • Living the good life in CA surfing – Casey Block
  • Dream vacation “El Patio” – Derek Skinner
  • Words of Wisdom on medical procedure – Emi Bauer
  • Packers football games improving dream – Michael Heier
  • Who would you date? Winner Michael Millan extolling his wife’s looks, intellect and voice.

Guest appearances

  • Nidia Montijo and visiting former member Derek Skinner


  • Toastmaster – DeeLynn Southwick
  • Grammarian – Liz Shaw
  • General Evaluator – Liz Shaw
  • Timer – Rahul Iyer
  • Ah Counter – Ro McLeod
  • Wordmaster – Karen Russ brought “mellifluous” which really twisted our tongues!
  • Word of Wisdom – Michael Millan
  • Jokemaster – DeeLynn Southwick

Business & Reports

The Member Interest Survey was handed out at the beginning of the meeting.  Most members were able to turned it in before the meeting ended.

November 14th Speechathon looking for new temporary location.

Michael Millan presented a request for more funds  in an offer to purchase the video recorder for the club.  DeeLynn South wick motioned we approve the additional funds with Rahul Iyer seconding.

The motion carried and Michael is granted the extra funds.

Adjourned 8:31 pm