August 25, 2015 Humorous Speech Contest

August 25, 2015 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 19 in attendance

Presiding Officer Liz S.

Speech Contest

20150825_194120_resized20150825_194621_resizedMichael M., Don’t Get Your Panties in a Knot – Told the tale of growing up in a family of mostly girls so picked up bad word choice.  Third Place

Sheryl R., Take Another Step? – Delivered a day in the life of grandparents traveling with grandkids – Second Place

Audrey D., A Job and A Man – Discussed the two main questions she receives on moving from the Midwest to AZ – First Place Winner


Guest appearances

  • David D.
  • Kathy M.
  • Suzanne M.
  • Steve R.


  • Chair Person – DeeLynn S.
  • Chief Judge – Liz S.
  • Timer – Kathy M., Casey B.
  • Sergeant of Arms – Rahul I.

Business & Reports

Sheryl R. gave presentation of screen costs

August 18, 2015 Club Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2015 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 19 in attendance

Presiding Officer Liz Shaw


Leks Dominion, AC Humorously Speaking – project 1 Warm Up your Audience,  “A Date from Hell,” won Best Speaker weaving a tale of the Internet Lies uncovered when face to face.  Evaluation by Rahul Iyer.

Emi Bauer, CC project 8 – Get Comfortable with Visual Aids, “A Thousand & One or Somewhere in the Neighborhood,” spoke of what you can do with a piece of paper as she amazed us by making the origami swan expected in a Japanese wedding while speaking about the pressures of getting ready for the event. Winning evaluation by Michael Millan.

Table Topics Thanks for Being a Friend by Rob McLeod

Rob McLeod made us all think and desire to speak on the difference accounts of our friends.  DJ McMurray won with her commendation of Toastmaster friends.  Also took the Spark Plug Award.

Guest appearance of David DeCelles in 3rd visit


  • Toastmaster – Michael Heier
  • Grammarian – Mike Fritz
  • General Evaluator – Sheryl Ross
  • Timer – Winona Fox-Petersen
  • Ah Counter – Pablo Rodriguez
  • Wordmaster – DJ McMurray gave us “cohort – group showing a particular association”
  • Word of Wisdom – Liz Shaw
  • Jokemaster – Renee Russo

Business & Reports

Next week will host the Humorous Contest.  We verified each position filled for a contest.

July 21, 2015 Executive Committee Meeting

Executive Committee Meeting minutes and officer reports from the July 21, 2015 meeting are available on the club website under Member Resources > Officer Resources > Officer Reports.

All members are invited to attend Executive Committee meetings and contribute to the discussions. The next officer meeting will follow the August 18, 2015 club meeting – feel free to attend!

August 12, 2015 Club Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2015 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 16 in attendance

Presiding Officer Liz Shaw


Michael Fritz, CC project  5 How Your Body Speaks titled “Opportunity Completes a Marathon”  wowed us with the engineering feats of the Spirit and Marathon Rovers.  Evaluation by .

Sheryl Ross, AC Persuasive Speaking – project 3 Winning Proposal,  “Making a Winning Proposal,” won Best Speaker through keeping within time limits while encouraging us to buy presentation equipment for the Club.  Evaluation by Liz Shaw.

DJ McMurray, CC project 2 – Organize Your Speech, “TMI’s Revitalization Education Program Pilot,”  encouraged us to keep our lips sealed as our Club works the pilot.  Winning evaluation by Rob McLeod.

Table Topics Artistic? Not so Much by Audrey Dieken

Encouraged by Winona’s speech on artistry Audrey handed out pictures which speakers embellished.  Previous member Derek won with his tale of the table.

Guest appearance of David DeCelles in 2nd visit and Derek Skinner


  • Toastmaster – David Douglas
  • Grammarian – Renee Russo
  • General Evaluator – Michael Millan
  • Timer – Emi Bauer
  • Ah Counter – Casey Block
  • Wordmaster – Pablo Rodriguez brought us “cachet – the state of being admired and respected”
  • Word of Wisdom – Rahul Iyer from Ghandi’s words
  • Jokemaster – Michael Heier

Business & Reports

Liz Shaw announced Officer Club Reports needed to be sent to Secretary by Sunday.  Also reminded people of Speech Exchange at Tempe Public Library August 15th from 10 to 12 noon.

August 4, 2015 Club Meeting Minutes

August 4, 2015 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 16 in attendance

Presiding Officer Liz Shaw


Michael Milan, AC Entertaining – project 2 on Resources for Entertainment,  “The Unspoken Do Not Touch Policy,” regaled us with the winning tale of baseball superstitions and rituals.  Winning evaluation by Winona Petersen.

David Douglas, CC project  5 How Your Body Speaks titled “Little Things Mean a Lot” encouraged us to not discount the small thanks.  Evaluation by Renee Russo.

Table Topics New Horizons by Michael Fritz

Michael set the stage with a report from the New Horizon which had resulted in Pluto being changed to a dwarf planet.  Speakers debated related issues.  Emi Bauer told the winning Talk ending the debate of the Dwarf Pluto’s status.

Guest appearance of David DeCelles


  • Toastmaster – Rahul Iyer
  • Grammarian – DJ McMurray
  • General Evaluator – Michael Heier
  • Timer – Rob McLeod
  • Ah Counter – Liz Shaw
  • Wordmaster – Emi Bauer brought us “emprise – an adventurous, and daring enterprise”
  • Word of Wisdom – DeeLynn Southwick
  • Jokemaster – Mike Becko

Business & Reports

Secretary Sheryl Ross presented the Maverick Club EC minutes for July 21st.  Corrections were brought forth.  Request made to include names of those submitting a written report. Rahul Iyer made the motion to accept and Renee Russo seconded it.

New Business

Liz Shaw announced as correction to EC minutes that the Humorous Club Contest was set for August 25th.  Also reminded people of Spooky Tales set for 10/27.

DJ McMurray motioned we spend TI money certificate on 8 ice breaker pins and one pack of First-Timer Ribbons.  Seconded by Rob McLeod.