July 28, 2015 Club Meeting Minutes

July 28, 2015 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 17 in attendance

Presiding Officer Liz Shaw


Pablo Rodriguez, CC project 1, titled “Use the Force” introduced himself in this Icebreaker with many Star Wars connections.  Evaluated by DJ McMurray.

Mike Becko, CC project  5 How Your Body Speaks titled “Big Moves Mask Small Moves” encouraged us to practice basic card magic with him.  Winning evaluation by Casey Block.

Rob McLeod, AC Storytelling – project 4 “What’s Bugging You,” shared the touching tale of his wife’s answer to prayer through the Bug salesmen names.  Evaluated by Michael Heier.

Table Topics by Emi Bauer – Snake Oil

Guest appearance of Emi’s son Paul demonstrating the Snake Oil game.  Michael Fritz told the winning sale’s spin on the Alien Abduction Protection Blanket


  • Toastmaster – Winona Petersen
  • Grammarian – Michael Millan
  • General Evaluator – David Douglas
  • Timer – DeeLynn Southwick
  • Ah Counter – Rahul Iyer
  • Wordmaster – Liz Shaw brought us “charlatan”
  • Word of Wisdom – Sheryl Ross
  • Jokemaster – Michael Fritz

Business & Reports

Treasurer Michael Millan presented the Maverick Club projected budget for2016.  DJ McMurray made the motion to accept and Winona Peterson seconded it.

President Liz Shaw stated we will bring the Executive Committee Meeting minutes for presentation next week.

July 7, 2015 Club Meeting Minutes

July 7, 2015 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 15 in attendance

Business & Reports

Presiding Officer Liz Shaw made a motion, seconded by DeeLynn Southwick to accept Pablo Rodriguez as a new member.  Unanimous acceptance.


Duong Iyer, in CC Project 8 Get Comfortable with Visual Aids, “Transportation,” gave a fascinating picture view of town transport in Vietnam.  Who knew what you could pile on a bike? Evaluated by Liz Shaw who took home the Best Evaluator certificate.

DeeLynn Southwick, in AC Special Occasion Speeches, Project 2 Speaking in Praise, “We All Matter” delivered a serious report of her mother’s life adaptations.  Evaluated by Rahul Iyer.

Table Topics

Sheryl Ross lead this event with the game “Follow the Numbers.”  Audrey Dieken won with her tale of Four.


Derek Skinner


  • Toastmaster – Mike Fritz
  • Grammarian – Casey Block
  • General Evaluator – Winona Peterson
  • Timer – DJ McMurray
  • Ah Counter – Renee Russo
  • Wordmaster – Michael Millan
  • Word of Wisdom – David Douglas
  • Jokemaster – Audrey Dieken

July 21, 2015 Club Meeting Minutes

July 21, 2015 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 12 in attendance

Business & Reports

Presiding Officer Liz Shaw

New officer installation by Area Director Anthony Perry

Maverick's New Officer Team

Maverick’s New Officer Team


Casey Block, CC project 3, Get to the Point titled “The Benefits of the Paleo Diet” presented a diet which he shared cleared up his health issues.  Evaluated by Emi Bauer.

Michael Heier, CC project  3 Get to the Point titled “Doing Poorly” encouraged us to celebrate effort even if short of the desired goal.  Winning evaluation by David Douglas.

Winona Peterson, AC Storytelling – project 1 “The First Medicine Sweat Lodge,” shared a winning Indian folk tale.  Evaluated by Michael Fritz.

Table Topics by Mike Becko – World Vacations

Deelynn’s daughter took the prize with her bitten doughnut hole white patch sunburn tale.

Guests – Area Director Anthony Perry with children Kenneth & Coral, Chalyna Southwick, Elaina and Peter N. brought children of Michael Heier.


  • Toastmaster – Liz Shaw
  • Grammarian – Sheryl Ross
  • General Evaluator – Michael Millan
  • Timer – Rahul Iyer
  • Ah Counter – DJ McMurray
  • Wordmaster – Deelynn Southwick brought “peregrinate”
  • Word of Wisdom – Sheryl Ross
  • Jokemaster – Pablo Rodriguez

July 14, 2015 Club Meeting Minutes

July 14, 2015 Maverick Club Meeting at Sun Valley High School – 15 in attendance

Business & Reports

Presiding Officer Liz Shaw


Rahul Iyer, completing CC project 10, “Watch Out for the Geek!” presented a list of famous people who grew up as geeks with a word picture of some of those challenges.  Evaluated by David Douglas.

Renee Russo, AC – The Entertaining Speaker project  4 Dramatic Talk titled “Stacie” described from the decision of picking a younger friend through some of the stretching moments of the friendship.  Evaluated by DeeLynn Southwick.

Liz Shaw, CC – Project 3 Get to the Point titled “Maverick Toastmasters 2015-2016 delivered her vision of our upcoming year and how committees could positively impact our club.  Evaluated by Michael Millan.

Table Topics – Running for Office

Pablo Rodriguez took the prize


  • Toastmaster – Casey Block
  • Grammarian – DJ McMurray
  • General Evaluator – Michael Fritz – wants agenda 10 minutes before start
  • Timer – Audrey Dieken
  • Ah Counter – Michael Heier
  • Wordmaster – Audrey Dieken brought “cavil”
  • Word of Wisdom – Pablo Rodriguez
  • Jokemaster – David Douglas
  • Guests –  Suzanne Millan